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I’ve not beenAvebury_0095 writing quite as much as usual over the last few weeks, as we’ve been travelling in our camper van. That’s not a great excuse as can easily write in the van – as long as I don’t allow myself to become to distracted by the interesting places we visit. I’ll work on that as we have lots more trips planned for the summer and autumn.

DSC_0110My stories seem to like travelling too. This is one of them in the Swedish magazine Allas and I think there’s one due out in Australia about now. Do let me know if you’ve seen either of them!

8 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. And a beauteous specimen of Campervan! Knowing you, you`ll be having joyous times with one palpitating half of brain and writing merrily with the other half! (I do that too, but without brain)

  2. I’ll do my best, Dolores!

    (Daren’t ask which bit of you palpitates if it’s not your brain (and if palpitates is actually the word I want))

    1. I`m sure it`s NOT the word you want, Patsy, nor even the word I want! It`s just it conjures up an image (for me) of Exactly what I want to say. (Oh for a brain of Your…?)

  3. skitjobb? Sounds like something rushed?
    Well done you for your international marketing efforts … (I know how much you enjoy marketing!!!)
    PS When you head our way, would you like for me to arrange for it to rain, so we get loads of writing done?

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