Beyond The Garden Wall

Untitled-17273Beyond The Garden Wall: a collection of 24 short stories.

Mike accuses Chloe of jumping to conclusions, creating chaos and dragging others along with her. Annoyingly he’s right. Geoff’s in no rush to tackle the wisteria. They’ve got all the time in the world for that – which is precisely what’s worrying his wife. Freya’s broken arm means she can’t enter the flower arranging competition herself. Even so, she’s not going to let Celia get away with her usual tricks.

Barbara gives her step-granddaughter a gift which just might give her a lifetime of happiness. Hospital rules mean Henry can’t take flowers to Millie, so how can he carry out The Idea? Colin is quiet and doesn’t really do much, but he has the gift of getting Cynthia out of unwanted situations.

Rhonda is a little sad to be leaving the garden she’s developed for over fifty years, but discovers a perfect alternative. Maria’s garden is looking better than ever – but who or what answered her plea for help with the design? The conservatory is as much of a wreck as Ginny, restoring one brings back the other’s joy.

Gardens, flowers, plants and people all have their stories. Beyond the garden wall is where you’ll find these tales.

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Review extracts

Another great mix from Patsy Collins with such varied characters. Some stories leave you with a happy tear or an ‘aw’; sometimes a real laugh out loud. … Shall we just say, something for everyone.

Marguerite 5 stars

Patsy’s story collections are… just the thing for when I have a few moments and want something pleasant to read,

Janice 4 stars

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