Days To Remember

Days to RememberDays To Remember: a collection of 24 short stories.

There are many memorable days to be celebrated in the course of our lives. Some come round every year – whether we want them to or not. Others are one offs never to be repeated. Perhaps we’ll know from the moment we wake that all will go well. Maybe it will seem things are going wrong, when the opposite is true and we’ll find our way by getting lost. Having our moment of glory snatched might teach us about the real winners and losers in life.

Some days are hugely and obviously important to us, even if many others will experience something similar. The moment we make a new friend or meet our partner for life, learn a new addition to the family is expected or land that perfect job, will affect us forever.

Apparently ordinary days can be ones to remember too. We can make them that way by accepting every opportunity which comes our way, or finally allowing our light to shine. By seeing magic in the everyday, or taking the dog for a good long walk.

Birthdays, weddings and Christmas, work days and holidays all have a story to tell. This book contains 24 of them.

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