From Story Idea to Reader

61XAbA5JYaLFrom Story Idea to Reader is an easily accessible guide to writing fiction. Whether you are brushing up on your writing skills or starting out, this book will take you through the whole process from inspiration to conclusion. No matter if you are looking to submit your work for publication, enter a competition, or want to self-publish, this practical guide will help you every step of the way.

Between them, Patsy Collins and Rosemary Kind have sold hundreds of short stories, written sixteen published books and produced numerous articles for Writing Magazine and similar publications. They’ve both judged writing competitions and run workshops, and Rosemary has read and edited thousands of short stories and published dozens of books for other writers.

With the information, help and encouragement in this book, you too could see your work in print. Buy it now and give your writing life a boost.

Available as a paperback, audiobook and ebook here.

Review extracts –

A useful book, very motivating!

S Chan Amazon.UK 5 stars

Everything you could possibly need to know about the writerly world and written in a chatty, informal way with loads of humour, some of which had me laughing out loud.

Bookworm Amazon.UK 5 stars

useful advice for everyone here to from what to write, through how to write it then where to sell it, if you want to.

Spabbygirl Amazon.UK 5 stars

 For both the aspiring and accomplished writer, this book covers all.

PE Turner Amazon.UK 5 stars

Full of good advice

IM Lauder 5 stars

As someone who has already had over sixty short stories published, I found this book extremely helpful and informative. 

Keith Amazon.UK 5 stars

I’ll keep this book close by, returning to it again and again. Because as well as being friendly and tremendously helpful, From Story Idea to Reader is a very good read!

Inkpen Amazon.UK 5 stars

 I found the exercises particularly useful to get inspiration flowing.

Amazon customer 5 stars

particularly helpful if you are new to writing

Melqart Amazon.UK 5 stars

Friendly, accessible, and down to earth, I cannot recommend this book highly enough

Anne Phillips Amazon.UK 5 stars

When I saw the amount of information in this book it seemed a bit overwhelming, as a novice writer, however the information the ladies provide is in neat bit size chunks and easily understandable.

Amazon.UK 5 stars

 get this book. It’s not a text book. It’s not dry. 

Anne Rainbow Amazon.UK 5 stars

Get it here.