Dependable Friends and Deceitful Neighbours in Little Mallow

Book 2 in the in the Little Mallow cosy mystery series.

The picturesque seaside village of Little Mallow is suffering a spate of robberies. Arnold Stewart, verger of St Symeon’s interrupts a burglary in progress and saves the church’s antique silver. His friend, schoolteacher Ellie Jenkins, is another victim. Who can be responsible? And are they also guilty of other, far worse, crimes?

Naturally, police officers Crystal Clere and Trevor Harris are investigating, and young Adam is asking many, many questions. Arnold’s kind-hearted employer Reverend Jerry Grande is praying for answers, and for those involved. Cameron isn’t so much interested in solving the crime as keeping Arnold safe and showing him the beauty the world has to offer. All those people are old friends of Arnold’s.

His new friend Aurora is more interested in solving the mystery of Castle View. There’s definitely something odd going on at the house next to Arnold’s flat. Against his better judgement Arnold finds himself involved. He’s even more suspicious of the neighbours to his other side. They’re hiding something – he really hopes he’s wrong about it being a body!

Can Arnold and his friends untangle the lies being told in Little Mallow?

Release date 12th July 2024. Available to pre order here – or join my ARC team, to read it earlier and for free!