Up The Garden Path

UTGPUp The Garden Path: a collection of 24 short stories

Eleanor has a traditional garden her grandchildren will love; won’t they? Mrs Dalrymple’s country home seems the perfect refuge for Daryl and there’s no reason Emma can’t call the big house home, is there?

Homes and gardens aren’t always peaceful havens though. Ted’s tranquility is under threat from a BBQ for teenage twins, Penny the Jack Russell is called upon to protect her mistress from a terrifying intruder, avoiding Frances’s annoying neighbour was almost the death of her and Rachel can’t bring herself to step out the back door.

A walk in the countryside might be less traumatic, unless your beloved tree has been damaged as badly as your heart or Mrs Bishop is lurking to find fault with all you do. Even the simple act of arranging flowers causes problems if your boss is as mean as Brenda’s.

Valerie managed to dig herself out of depression on her allotment but Sally was faced with the perils of half an hour in the potting shed with the attractive yet infuriating Jim.

Gardens, plants and people all have their story. Let me lead you up the garden path and tell you a few.

Available as paperback and ebook. Get in in both formats from Amazon or read via kindle unlimited here. You can also order the paperback through bookshops or request it in your local library.

Review extracts

A pleasure to read.

FK Amazon 5 stars

well written stories, which entertain and intrigue in equal measure.

Biff Amazon 5 stars

The stories are absorbing, entertaining and beautifully crafted. They deal with a variety of difficult subject matter including death, isolation, low self-esteem and insecurity, as well as the frustration of growing old, but invariably end with a message of hope.

Julie Amazon 4 stars

A pleasure to read.

Fay Goodreads 5 stars

Lots of stories, all different. Some make you smile, some have you reaching for the tissues. A smashing collection, well worth having on your bookshelf or coffee table.

SJ Amazon 5 stars

charming bunch of short stories

Bossy Amazon 5 stars

stories drew me in and I was disappointed when they ended

Jorachel Amazon.uk 5 stars

A wonderful collection of short stories. Adorably, all about gardens.

Shhh Amazon.uk 5 stars

Get it here.

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