Crime In Mind

Crime In Mind: A collection of 24 short stories.

There are a huge variety of crimes, committed for many different reasons. Those which seem justified or are at least understandable. Others for which there can be no possible excuse. Some crimes are calculated and deliberate, others unplanned or even accidental. More still are planned but don’t happen. Then there’s behaviour so bad it’s against all moral laws even if not technically illegal.

There are also multiple ways for the criminal to be caught out or made to pay for what they’ve done. The police, an amateur detective or even their victim might bring them to justice. And sometimes the perpetrator gets away with it.

Criminals, victims, and agents of law and order each have a story to tell. This book contains 24 of them.

Release date 23rd May 2024. Available to pre order here.

Review extracts –

Short stories with a hint of crime, most quite amusing & one or two quite dark. I got a few good laughs as well.

Anne Goodreads 5 stars