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UTT copy 2Unearthing The Truth is a free Amelia Watson mini mystery ebook. Get it from Apple and Amazon (kindle book) here or other retailers here.

Amelia Watson loves to solve mysteries and hates it when she’s unable to dig up the answers. That latter’s been the case recently, so it might be better if she didn’t try at all. That way she’d avoid the embarrassment of calling out the police when no crime had been committed.

But a man carried… OK, probably not the dead body it looked like, but definitely something, into the woods. His excuse for being there was a lie. It can’t really hurt to take her dog Bongo for another walk there and take a look – can it?

Review extracts
‘A lovely fun little tale! Nice twist.’ FK 5 stars

‘Patsy’s humour permeates her writing, mainly in the dialogue between Amelia and her friend Nicole. I’m looking forward to more of Amelia’s adventures…’ Marguerite Amazon.UK 5 stars

‘A great little page turner of a book.’ Sheelagh Goodreads 4 stars


nnadtd1Not A Drop To Drink is a free collection of 7 short stories. It’s available through Amazon, Apple books and several other ebook retailers.

Everyone loves a bargain or a freebie, don’t they? It’s absolutely fine to download free or discounted books which an author, or their publisher are offering. That’s the point of such offers. Please be aware though that sometimes unscrupulous websites will offer vast numbers of books for free. Sometimes these are pirated, sometimes there aren’t any books at all, just the ‘opportunity’ to upload malware to your computer or device. Please don’t get caught out.

As well as the offers below, some of my books are available in libraries, or may be ordered in if they’re requested. Libraries are great and as you’ve paid for them through your taxes you should make as much use of them as possible. Talking of borrowing books, most of mine are currently available to read through Kindle Unlimited.

Review extracts

‘I love Patsy’s books of short stories.’ Liz Goodreads 5 stars

‘I loved this clever collection of easy-to-read short stories.’ Fay Goodreads 5 stars

‘every story left me with a fuller heart. Even though this book is called Not a Drop to Drink, it’ll fill your cup and leave you hopeful.’ Joshua Goodreads 5 stars

The Inside Scoop And Stories From Little Mallow is an introduction to my new cosy mystery series (which will be launched early 2024). You can get your free copy by signing up to my newsletter, using the form below.