Acting Like A Killer


Amelia Watson needs a dead body by tea time. Less urgent, but more important are – time for a life, the chance to solve crime, an uncomplicated romantic relationship, promotion at work, to be less hurt by her parents’ distance. And then there’s Nicole, and the attractive stranger…

Of course Amelia doesn’t get all she desires, or appreciate everything that life brings. Along the way her priorities change and she ends up with far more than she’d bargained for. Will the unexpected bonus break her heart?

Available as a paperback or ebook here. The paperback version is available from most online book retailers and can be ordered through bookshops or requested in libraries. 

Review extracts – 

A gripping read with all the right ingredients of mystery, friendship, family and romance and beautiful scenery to boot.

Bookworm Amazon 5 stars

If you are after a bit of enjoyable escapism, this is the one to go for. Well-drawn characters in a well-crafted, pacy story which does not disappoint.

Goodreads 5 stars

The mystery keeps you thinking, I had a few view theories and although one turned out to be accurate I was never quite certain.
I love the characters, they all stand out and the relationships between the characters too. They seem like real people that I’d love to read more about.

Jen Amazon 5 stars

An engaging tale of romance, mystery, friendship and family … Kept me guessing to the end.

E Thompson 5 stars

A lovely read, gentle but not afraid to confront some difficult areas, all wrapped up with a goodly dose of humour.

Marguerite 5 stars

A thoroughly enjoyable romantic mystery … keeping me hooked throughout. If you are after a bit of enjoyable escapism, this is the one to go for.

Ruth 5 stars

As our amateur sleuth jumps from one conclusion to another, putting herself more and more at risk, it’s impossible to stop reading.

Janice Goodreads 5 stars

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this medley of mixed up lives, halting romance and mysterious brain teasing puzzles.

Peter Adams Goodreads 5 stars

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