PMAPcoverPublic lending rights, or p.l.r. are a payment of six and a bit pence, made to authors when their books are borrowed from UK and Irish libraries. The author has to register for this, something I did when my first book was published. It’s calculated using several sample libraries and until this year it seemed none of those used were the right ones for me. This year though something has changed and I’m due a small payment. I’m jolly pleased – it feels like an official recognition of my writing.

Paint Me A Picture was the book most frequently borrowed, with Escape To The Country close behind. Because of the cut off period Firestarter doesn’t appear yet, but I’m hopeful for next year.

If you’re one of the people who’ve borrowed my books then thank you! If you’d like to but can’t because they’re not stocked in your library then do ask if they can get it in for you as this isn’t something the author can arrange.

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      1. Just checked and unfortunately I don’t qualify. I live in the Bahamas and it says “To register for the UK PLR scheme, at the time of application you must have your only home or principal home in the UK or in any of the other countries within the European Economic Area (ie EC Member States plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein).”

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