Hoy ahoy!

We went over to the island of Hoy on a ferry. That was more ‘interesting’ than I’d anticipated. If you’d like, you can make the crossing with us.

It started off very foggy, which goes some way to explaining why at three miles into a two mile circular walk to see the lighthouse we found ourselves on a totally different path, heading away from the van. Still after only about another half mile we were able to get a phone signal and directions for the two and a bit miles walk back to base camp. We did find the lighthouse though! Other things we saw, before the fog cleared, were Betty Corrigal’s grave (don’t Google that if you don’t like sad stories) and the Dwarfie Stane – I filmed that too!

There’s a myth that giants used to live in the Dwarfie Stane. If true, they were extremely small giants. A slightly peculiar 5′ 3″ writer has been included for scale.

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