A Clean Bill Of Health

I have another short story collection out. I actually published it right at the end of March, which means I’ve published a new book every month this year. I’m not guaranteeing to keep that up – although there will definitely be at least one more as the second in my Little Mallow cosy crime series will be out in July.

A Clean Bill Of Health is a collection of 24 short stories. As you may have deduced from the title and cover, these all have a medical theme. Here’s the blurb –

Our health is important, we all know that, even if we sometimes take it for granted. There are so many factors which can affect our health. Things we can help, and things we can’t, from infection, smoking, depression and anxiety to excess weight, accident, injury or conditions we’re born with. All can take a toll on our mental or physical wellbeing.

Lynne doesn’t seek prompt help due to embarrassment over the position of her boil, George worries the strange rash is a result of being bewitched and Emelie thinks she’s the cause of her sister’s avian obsession. Mr Thirlwall’s imagination is running away with him. Helena’s family are a pain in the abdomen. Jack is his own worst enemy. Things do get better for all of them – once their issues are diagnosed and assistance is accepted.

No matter what ails us, there are treatments, coping strategies and cures. The characters in this book explore a few and find ways to feel better, no matter what their medical situation. Whether sick or well, making things worse, helping ourselves or others, we all have stories to tell. This book contains 24 of them.

As with all my books, A Clean Bill Of Health is available to buy as a paperback or ebook, can be read via kindle unlimited, ordered from bookshops or requested in libraries.

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