Can’t choose your family

Can’t Choose Your Family, my collection of 25 ‘related’ stories, is currently reduced to 99p / 99c

Chloe’s dad wishes she’d talk to him. How can he help her without knowing what’s wrong? There’s a way he can find out, but not without losing her trust. He can’t risk that. Doug’s dad would rather not have heard what his son, or rather step-son, had to say. He’d destroyed his family’s trust; perhaps broken up the family too. Why must an innocent boy and rescue dog suffer for his selfishness?

Paula listens to her family, when she can hear them over the TV, but doesn’t like what they say. Drastic action is needed. Maybe she’ll go so far as to miss a few of her favourite shows? Jeremy’s good at listening to his mother. It’s easy when she talks so much sense. He remembers her advice and dishes it out to his friends, helping solve their problems. When will he take that advice himself?

Martha cares for Billy, willing him to talk at last. That would give her one more thing to be grateful for. Children often talk to their mothers, sometimes saying such cute things, but those women don’t always have time to listen. When they do, will they jump to the wrong conclusions and repeat the mistakes of the past just as Karen does?

Communication, done right, can bring families together. It made friends of Sally and her cousin, and ensured she got to the church on time. Talking about the past brought Frederick and Georgina together. Can they ever be more than kissing cousins? Talking to his wife about the fox might perhaps bring Duncan a step closer to having the family they’ve always wanted.

Families, whether we’re born or married into them, or choose them for ourselves all have stories to tell. This collection contains 25 of them. Get it here.

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