Slightly Spooky Stories I

Ghosts, sixth sense and things not of this world aren’t always scary, though they can be. Some help or warn, frighten or comfort those who perceive them. Others are here for their own purposes, waiting for a chance to move on. We might see, hear or feel them, perhaps they’ll only reach us through our subconscious.

Are ghosts memories and echoes of the past, contacts from another time and place, or figments of our imagination? Whether you believe in them or not, ghosts, spirits and mysterious spooking happenings all provide stories. This collection contains 25 of them.


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Review extracts

A marvellous read for the darkening nights.


I found these stories a light, easy read, enjoyable and often amusing. They’re suitably supernatural without being horrific. A good read.


As usual the author entertains and makes the reader want to read just one more story.


Reading a Patsy Collins story collection is like opening a big box of chocolates.


There is good variety between the stories, each turning and twisting for a very satisfying read. Having a “1” in the title suggests there maybe more to come. I wait in eager anticipation.