Over The Garden Fence

gardenfenceOver The Garden Fence: a collection of 24 short stories

Sue fills a room with white carnations to celebrate her twenty-first wedding anniversary. Yvonne looks forward to the garden party and gets hot and bothered by charming Dr Mathews’ bedside manner. Maria dreads Valentine’s day with all those red roses to remind her of past hurts.

Maddie longs to visit her brother’s wonderful English garden. Dare she go? Luisha Summer was once Lucy Winterbottom, almost everything about her has changed. Does she still love flowers and remember those who aided her success? Old Myrtle promises the kids a trick along with their treats, but they’re too greedy to hear the warning.

Adam has the chance to help his hero, PC Mark, and prove himself a worthy deputy if he can only discover who’s responsible for stealing a prize-winning marrow and three old roller skates. Will the mystery caller persuade Beverley to make time to smell the flowers? Gran’s forget-me-not brooch will lead Mazie to true love… eventually.

Gardens, plants and people all have their stories. Lean over my garden fence and I’ll tell you a few.

Available as paperback and ebook. Get in in both formats from Amazon, or read via kindle unlimited here. Alternatively order the paperback from your library or bookshop.

Review extracts

A mixture of stories, some scary, some funny, some sad … One you can pick up in between watering the garden.

S J Jones Amazon.uk 5 stars

A great collection of stories.

Emma Amazon.uk 5 stars

Good short stories … written well and kept my interest.

Loves to read Amazon.com 5 stars

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