Not a Drop to Drink


A FREE collection of short stories by Patsy Collins

Scientists say the human body is around 70% water. We know that’s not true.

Oh, we could drink ‘straight’ H20, but usually we don’t. More likely it’s vitamin rich juice or teeth rotting cola. We like a nice cup of tea to calm us down or cheer us up. Perhaps a nice glass of wine to celebrate or drown our sorrows. Two glasses. Too many glasses.

Our bodies do contain liquid of course. Never just water. What’s in yours; acid and bile or the milk of human kindness? Blood, sweat and tears of joy or sorrow?

It’s these waters Patsy hopes you’ll find running through her stories.

Get it FREE here (usually free) or here (always free)

Review extracts

A fine themed collection of short stories, with something for all tastes. Two of the darker stories, Don’t touch the water and Love Potion are outstanding.

Really enjoyed this anthology of well written stories,

I enjoyed every story in this collection.

Very well-written and varied.

I picked up this book and started to read for a couple of minutes, and half an hour later, was still standing there!

Patsy Collins has a wonderful knack of evoking all the senses in her writing. I enjoyed every story in this collection but found the final two outstanding

Get it here

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