Lots Of Love

Lots Of Love – short story collection.

Sapphire thinks she needs to be perfect in order to win John’s affections. Will making a perfect mess of things help or hinder her chances? Fennel’s dad expects perfection from a man before he’ll consider him halfway good enough for his daughter, whereas Elizabeth’s mother thinks accepting ‘nice enough’ and keeping quiet is the best route to happiness.

Edna and Geoff are celebrating their thirtieth anniversary. At least it will be a celebration if Geoff will put showing he cares ahead of saving the pennies. Judie and Will have been together twice that long and their love has triumphed over the various mishaps and disasters which happen each anniversary. This year though Will has a plan which surely can’t fail.

Sydney’s wife loves reading romances and enjoys the chance to swoon, so much she sometimes seems to pay more attention to fictional heroes than her flesh and blood husband. He almost puts that right with a quick research trip to the bookshop, a bag of sprouts, fake tan and an improvised cocktail.

Wendy isn’t treated fairly, Vickie doesn’t feel she’s understood, Lisa’s not listened to and Kieran is made to wait – but they all hope that love will come.

Whether they’re together forever, broken-hearted, or still trying to make it work, anyone who has loved has a story to tell. This collection contains 25 of them.

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