My short stories have been included in several multi-author collections. A few are listed below.

Are We Nearly Famous?

This is a FREE collection, by me and three of my writing friends.

This book collection of short stories is about journeys; literal, metaphorical and literary. Those both of the characters and the authors.

Ailsa travels to Scotland and begins the journey of recovery after life-saving surgery. The Smith family take two trips in one, and their reactions to each bring them closer as a family. Esperanza doesn’t just switch locations but swaps one life for another, each change taking her away from everything she knows and ever closer to the independence she needs to be truly happy.In Italy, Pedro learns about the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Lisa’s journey also begin with a death, which leads her on a search for the truth about her own life.Marty, just like her creator, moves to the Island of La Palma and takes strides forward in both her career and love life. Although Saffy and Jess both remain in the United Kingdom, their own emotional journeys are similar in several ways. They each want to make a difference with their work, and meet men who share this passion and ignite their own.Patsy, Rosemary, Sheila and Lynne are four friends who, although successful in specific writing fields, aren’t yet well known to the general reading public. Together we’re raising awareness of our work, and hope you’ll help us do the same by reading this free collection, telling others about it and leaving us a review. We’re not really asking ‘Are We Nearly Famous?’ as we know the answer!

Download for free here.

Noirville Tales From The Dark Side.

Selected from 100s of entries to a short story competition run by Fahrenheit Press in late 2017, the 15 stories that make up NOIRVILLE represent some of the very best crime fiction being written today.






A collection of sparklingshort stories by various authors.



The Art of Losing

This is a unique collection of stories about loss: loss of life, loss of friends, loss of family, and even loss of mind. If you’ve read any of these stories already, you’ll know they come in all colors, from the highly invigorating to the completely morbid. They’ll make you laugh and (most likely) make you cry.

The Day Death Wore Boots

The Day Death Wore Boots – ghost stories to leave you looking… and wondering…
Find out if the miniature Western town is really a toy in the title story. Was Jed Holloway’day deaths death really down to faulty brakes – The Haunted Rig? You want to go home from your holiday in the Costa D
el Sol but is it safe – Spanish Midnight? Does it matter that you don’t believe in ghosts when the ghost believes in you – Shard?
From Pompeii to the Wild West, from Australia to the shores of the United Kingdom the spirit world may be closer than you think!

essenceThe Essence of Humour

‘Essence of Humour’ is a collection of short stories which brings together the best of humour writing from 17 authors across the globe.
Authors: Jaclin Azoulay, Patsy Collins, Chris Cooke, Lorraine Coverley, Sarah England, Mel Fawcett, Tracy Fells,Clive Gresswell, Raelke Grimmer, Arlene Johnson, Rosemary J Kind, Peter Lingard, Gill McKinlay, John Malone, Khristo Poshtakov, Jackie Tritt, Paul Warnes

by sideBy My Side

By My Side brings you 20 of the best romantic stories from writers around the world.
Be transported to the past in the war-torn Three Months of Summer and back to the present in the gentle modern everyday situation of The Pool Doctor. Feel your heart racing through the ethical dilemmas in Would you Shoot Me? and the danger and drama of Run From the Sun.
These stories will transport you to a world of love and romance and leave you breathless. In far-away locations or in everyday situations there really is someone for everyone.

wishA Wish For Christmas

Enjoy the festive season with a little cheer from Alfie Dog Fiction. Put your feet up and revel in all that is best of Christmas and New Year with 20 stories from authors across the globe. Stories range from the moving to the amusing, the romantic to the tussle of family life.
Add a little sparkle to your Christmas with A Wish for Christmas.

came as Came as ‘Me’, Left As ‘We

‘Came as ‘me’, Left as ‘we’ contains a mixture of women’s fiction, feel good stories and romance, while ‘This Land is My Land’ is more action and adventure driven and both contain stories to leave the reader thinking. Alfie Dog Fiction’s managing director, Rosemary Kind, says “We know from our readers that they like to stock up on reading matter for their holidays and these collections offer the perfect way to do just that.”




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