Short Stories

My short stories regularly appear in women’s and family magazines in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, South Africa and Australia. (See the news page for details)

Some of my short fiction is available in collections. Many more stories can be downloaded individually from Alfie Dog Fiction.

A piece of pink ribbon  Famous NamesClimbing Mountains Fionas KitchenSimple PleasuresA Nice Cup of Tea Lest We Forget Holiday Temptation Life Isn't Fair Listen to Me No Family Secrets Swept Away The Copier True Romance WavingGoodbye


2 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Hi! Just found your blog. Do you have a list of magazines that accept submissions for short stories? This year, I have had 5 stories accepted by People’s Friend and I won the May 2107 PRIMA 800 words and under short story competition, so I’m quite keen to spread my wings. But when I google guidelines and womag, the posts are often out of date. Congratulations on your hard work, by they way.


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