Recent events

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Here’s what I’ve been up to fairly recently …

26th to 31st August 2018

My latest short story collection Perfect Timing will be on sale at the introductory offer of 99p / 99c.

Whether we have long hours to fill, or not a moment to spare, time plays an important part in all our lives. We might not watch the clock, but we can’t escape the impact of the seconds ticking away. Time waits for no woman, neither will it accelerate at her command. It’s no more considerate of men, children and teddy bears.

Being a little early, or late, can have a big impact; it could mean missing a train, inheritance, or much needed meal. Or help us catch a crook, rescue a neighbour, show us what’s really important. Maybe it’s not our own timekeeping we have to worry about, but that of loved ones, colleagues or adversaries.

You can read each of the stories in this book in just a few minutes, or enjoy all 25 at once over several hours

July and August 2018

I’ve released several more short story collections. You can find all my published books here.

June 2018

Released In The Garden Air








April 2018

My romantic short story collection, With Love And Kisses was released.








9th, 10th and 11th March 2018

Writers’ Workshop Weekend, Hope Cove, Devon.

Three days of writing workshops, encouragement and advice from me and Anne Rainbow. See here for more details.


16th January 2018

‘Generating story ideas’ workshop, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire.

This one was for circle members only. New members are welcome. Click here for more details.


25th November 2017 I sold some of my books at the Elmore Angling Club Christmas Fair.


1st November 2017 The first chapter of my novel Paint Me A Picture is published in Portsmouth Trade Venue magazine.







28th October 2017

I took part in a book busk as a very small part of Bristol literary festival, by reading a couple of stories from my collection Slightly Spooky Stories I.







12th October 2017 was the release of my new romance novel, Leave Nothing But Footprints.

You can read interviews and posts about the book and the story behind it here, here and here.






3rd September 2017 was release day for my collection Slightly Spooky Stories I.