Leave Nothing But Footprints


Leave Nothing But Footprints

Jessica Borlase always gets what she wants. From cocktails in the exact shade of her manicure, holiday on Capri with friends, to a spacious apartment, her father’s money makes it possible. She enjoys the luxurious lifestyle and is grateful for his support, but frustrated to always be treated as Daddy’s pampered little girl. She tries to break free, by leaving Borlase Enterprises and studying photography.

Now what Jess wants is the utterly gorgeous Eliot Beatty; a world famous photographer who often uses his talents to benefit conservation projects. Her father attempts to bribe Eliot into taking Jess on an assignment in order to teach her the skills she’ll need to develop a career. Although annoyed at the interference, she’s delighted to discover this means two weeks with Eliot in the beautiful countryside of South Wales and close confines of a campervan. Trouble is, the man can’t be bought.

Jess eventually manages to persuade Eliot to take her. She believes she can earn his respect and that she’s ready for the hard work, long hours and living conditions far short of those she’s used to. She’s wrong on all counts. Can Jess learn to cope with the realities of the trip, and is Eliot really worth the effort?

Available as paperback and ebook. You can get it in either format from Amazon here, as an ebook from other retailers here, or order the paperback through bookshops or request it in your local library.

Review extracts

 the whole book resonated with me and made me laugh! Well written and convincing, and even taught me something about photographic techniques.

Read this during the lockdown & it lifted my spirits.

The story is riveting. And just like the other book I read by Patsy Collins you feel like you’re learning something, in this novel it’s photography and the environment.

I do love Patsy’s stories. Her characters are always interesting and believable. They grow and change, not becoming something they aren’t, just for the sake of the plot, but finding their own best selves that were hidden under the surface.

I loved the two main characters, especially Jess, poor little rich girl with plenty of problems, searching for something deeper and more fulfilling in her life. And I felt I had been given a tutorial in photography as well.

Patsy’s attention to detail left me feeling I had shared the week with Jess and Elliot. Please write a follow up I enjoyed it so much I want to learn more.

A satisfying, gentle, entertaining romantic story (with some helpful photography tips for good measure!)

Its a great read, Patsy’s stories are always warm and inviting, thats why they’re so popular!