New addition to the family!

Yes, I do mean edition and not addition. The only new people I’ve brought into the world are story characters. I don’t know how many I’ve created but it’s definitely more than a thousand as I’ve written more stories than that and each of them has at least one character.

Family Feeling is my latest book release and it’s currently reduced to

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I’m a cover girl!

My name is on the front cover of The People’s Friend this week! That’s the first time I’ve ever been mentioned on the cover of any magazine (my stories have featured on some fiction specials, but never me personally.)

The story which has been retitled Fairy Grotto, was inspired by a visit to the Waterwheel Inn near St Austell. It’s a lovely place to

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Spring break

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this holiday and happy spring to everyone. The weather is so lovely here I’m spending most of the long weekend in the garden. I love it all year round, but especially so in the spring.

I may get some writing done. Working in the garden often helps with my creativity. Either way, I’ll definitely be reading. My kindle is choice full of interesting sounding books by writing friends, many of them downloaded at bargain prices! I do like a book bargain.

If you’d like some cheery holiday reading

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