Valentine’s Trip

I sometimes describe myself as a romantic novelist – meaning both a writer of romance stories, and a romantic person who happens to write. Just to prove it’s true, Gary and I spent Valentine’s Day in the same place we started our honeymoon (different van though).

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Friends in Fiction

I’m very pleased to have a story in the special Valentine’s issue of Ireland’s Own. The issue also includes a story by Maeve Binchey and another by my writing friend S. Bee, so I’m in really good company!

My story, Thirty Years On, is about a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to the same seaside resort, Harrington-on-Sea, where they had their honeymoon. They eat quite a lot of cake, so

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Lots Of Love

I have another short story collection out. Lots Of Love contains 25 short stories. It’s £1.99 ($2.99) for the ebook, and £6.60 for the paperback.

Sapphire thinks she needs to be perfect in order to win John’s affections. Will making a perfect mess of things help or hinder her chances? Fennel’s dad expects perfection from a man before he’ll consider him halfway good enough for his daughter, whereas Elizabeth’s mother

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Going well so far

2019 has got off to a good start. I currently have a story in Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special (it’s the February issue and apparently was out before New Year!).

Next week on 20th January

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Happy New Year!

Whether you celebrated Christmas, something else, or just carried on as normal, I hope you’ve had an enjoyable time over the last few days,

Personally I’ve been eating and drinking plenty, spending some time with friends and family and being jolly lazy. With that in mind

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