Getting ahead of myself

I planned to release a couple more short story collections this autumn and early winter. Realising I might be busy then, I thought I’d better make a start now. The ebook version of Coffee & Cake, which will be released in early December (as a paperback and ebook) is already on ‘pre order’.

Here’s the blurb – We eat and drink for more than mere survival. Food comforts and reassures, connects us with others. A mug of coffee wakes us up in the morning. A cup of tea can

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Making Your Mind Up

I’ve just discovered that I had a story in last week’s issue of My Weekly. I did know it was going to be published, just not exactly when.

The story is called ‘Making Your Mind Up’. I confess

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Woman’s Way guidelines

I’m gradually building up a database of guidelines and other information useful to those who write for women’s magazines – which can all be found under the ‘Woman’s Magazine’ tab on this site. For even more information on the subject, visit the Womagwriter blog.

Here are the latest guidelines for Woman’s Way,

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The People’s Friend

I asked ‘my’ editor at The People’s Friend which story lengths and subjects are most in demand. He says it’s ‘the usual culprits’ by which he means 2000 and 3000 word stories as these are always in demand. Also, stories set around events and holidays – Christmas, Advent, Bonfire Night, Easter, Valentine’s etc are appreciated.

The cover featured is an old one – but as it has me name on the front, I like to make sure it’s seen!

Guest’s Book Tour: Patsy Davies

I’ve been for a virtual tea and chat!

From Funeral Birds to Stone Angels

Welcome to my guest page. Here, every few days, I’ll be sharing a conversation, over tea and cakes, or maybe a glass of something stronger, if they are not driving, with a friend about their work in progress, or latest book release. I’ll be talking to all sort of writers and authors at different levels of their writing careers.

Photo by John Finkelstein on

Welcome to my guest page, Patsy. I’m so pleased to have a chance to chat with you in the clubhouse tearoom, during a quiet moment. We’ve been following each other progress for quite awhile now. I’m sure it was before you were married and in the early days of blogging. So let me start by asking you, when you first begun your writing journey what drew you to your chosen genre?

I’ve always tried to write things I enjoy reading. As we have to read…

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Dressed To Impress

Dressed To Impress is the latest of my themed short story collections. As you may have guessed, the 24 stories are connected by clothing. Previous collections have been about gardening, family, love, jobs, time, words or

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New newsletter

I’m in the process of setting up a newsletter, to inform readers about what I’m currently working on, new books, special offers, and all kinds of writing related stuff. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, you can

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I have a story in the latest issue of The People’s Friend – and according to their Twitter account, it’s brilliant!

Lovely to see I’m issue buddies with some virtual writing friends too!