Free reads and offers

nnadtd1Not A Drop To Drink is a (usually) free collection of 7 short stories. It’s available through Amazon, Apple books and several other ebook retailers.

Everyone loves a bargain or a freebie, don’t they? It’s absolutely fine to download free or discounted books which an author, or their publisher are offering. That’s the point of such offers. Please be aware though that sometimes unscrupulous websites will offer vast numbers of books for free. Sometimes these are pirated, sometimes there aren’t any books at all, just the ‘opportunity’ to upload malware to your computer or device. Please don’t get caught out.

As well as the offers below, some of my books are available in libraries, or may be ordered in if they’re requested. Libraries are great and as you’ve paid for them through your taxes you should make as much use of them as possible. Talking of borrowing books, most of mine are currently available to read through Kindle Unlimited.

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escape-cover-1Lots of my short stories, and some articles, are available to read on Medium. The first few each month are free, or you can subscribe and read a truly vast number of works by a great variety of authors. That will cost $5 per month and you can cancel at any time.

My fun romance novel Escape To The Country can also be read there, a chapter at a time.