Getting ahead of myself

I planned to release a couple more short story collections this autumn and early winter. Realising I might be busy then, I thought I’d better make a start now. The ebook version of Coffee & Cake, which will be released in early December (as a paperback and ebook) is already on ‘pre order’.

Here’s the blurb – We eat and drink for more than mere survival. Food comforts and reassures, connects us with others. A mug of coffee wakes us up in the morning. A cup of tea can

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Guest’s Book Tour: Patsy Davies

I’ve been for a virtual tea and chat!

From Funeral Birds to Stone Angels

Welcome to my guest page. Here, every few days, I’ll be sharing a conversation, over tea and cakes, or maybe a glass of something stronger, if they are not driving, with a friend about their work in progress, or latest book release. I’ll be talking to all sort of writers and authors at different levels of their writing careers.

Photo by John Finkelstein on

Welcome to my guest page, Patsy. I’m so pleased to have a chance to chat with you in the clubhouse tearoom, during a quiet moment. We’ve been following each other progress for quite awhile now. I’m sure it was before you were married and in the early days of blogging. So let me start by asking you, when you first begun your writing journey what drew you to your chosen genre?

I’ve always tried to write things I enjoy reading. As we have to read…

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Dressed To Impress

Dressed To Impress is the latest of my themed short story collections. As you may have guessed, the 24 stories are connected by clothing. Previous collections have been about gardening, family, love, jobs, time, words or

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New newsletter

I’m in the process of setting up a newsletter, to inform readers about what I’m currently working on, new books, special offers, and all kinds of writing related stuff. If you’d like to be on the mailing list, you can

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Healthy and happy

As it happens, I am healthy and happy, and hope you are too, but the post title refers to the fact I was interviewed recently for the Healthy Happy Writer Show.

I’ve never done an online video interview before, but Linda is really easy to talk to, so it wasn’t too daunting.

Two for the price of one.

Two of my romance novels are reduced to 99p (or 99c) this week. That means you could buy both for less than the regular price of either one.

Firestarter is a hot, humorous romance involving

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Thoughtful Tuesday









I’m part of Pen to Print’s thoughtful Tuesday. As the piece mentions my little wildflower meadow, I’ve decided to share some more pictures here.

If you’re interested in

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Keep It In The Family, my collection of 25 ‘related’ short stories is currently reduced to 99p / 99c.

Here’s the blurb –

Alec thinks he’s suffered a medical emergency, Dr Kuttemopen says the same about his patient, and Jake and his granddad will be at risk from one if they carry on as they’ve been doing. With the support of loved ones, they could all put these predicted and suspected health problems behind them. Uncle Boris’s condition will never go away, but neither will Aunt Jonna, so he’ll not just cope, but enjoy doing so.

Everyone has problems or concerns from time to time. Some deal with them by always moving on and never looking back, others by asking the right question. They might try to keep them hidden, insist on bringing them into the open, or allow the sea to wash them away. Most will turn to their families for help, but all Miss Frencham’s are gone. All she can do, is tell people about the bodies.

Anne’s spent a lot of time waiting for her daughter; a whole lifetime, but it’s been worth every second. Daniel’s mother and Dizzy’s father-in-law won’t wait a moment for them, until they come to their senses and reunite their families. Stephanie’s waiting for the right kind of snow, and Adam’s waiting for the wrong sort of Santa. Their reward will be to know they did the right thing.

Families, whether we’re born or married into them, or choose them for ourselves all have stories to tell. This collection contains 25 of them.

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Leave Nothing But Footprints by Patsy Collins

A review of my novel, Leave Nothing But Footprints.


Leave Nothing But Footprints by [Patsy Collins]

Synopsis from Amazon

“Jessica Borlase always gets what she wants. From cocktails in the exact shade of her manicure, holiday on Capri with friends, to a spacious apartment, her father’s money makes it possible. She enjoys the luxurious lifestyle and is grateful for his support, but frustrated to always be treated as Daddy’s pampered little girl. She tries to break free, by leaving Borlase Enterprises and studying photography.

Now what Jess wants is the utterly gorgeous Eliot Beatty; a world famous photographer who often uses his talents to benefit conservation projects. Her father attempts to bribe Eliot into taking Jess on an assignment in order to teach her the skills she’ll need to develop a career. Although annoyed at the interference, she’s delighted to discover this means two weeks with Eliot in the beautiful countryside of South Wales and close confines of a campervan. Trouble is, the man can’t…

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