It’s all in the prep …

Woman's Weekly_8754I have a story in both Take a Break’s Fiction Feast and Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special this month (April issues). Coincidentally both stories were written as homework for my writing group. A different prompt is supplied each month and we each try to write a ‘prep’ for this.

For Shadow Dancer in TABFF the prompt was ‘the shadow on the wall’. The story features

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Embracing Beige

chairDo you like my new office chair? My previous one was ten years old and falling apart, but was comfortable and I’d received most of my writing acceptances whilst sitting in it – so I got a new one exactly the same. Not that writers are superstitious or anything!

Don’t worry about all the books about ships you can see in the background, I share an office with my husband.

Perhaps you’re thinking the chair is more cream than beige and really if there’s any embracing going on the chair is the thing doing it. You have a point, but

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Stepping on the Cracks

Woman's Weekly_6417I have a story in the current (October!) issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special. I’d like to tell you what prompted me to write this story about a doctor and her heartless father. I’m not going to though because

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All About Her

I’m veryWoman's Weekly_6134 pleased to have a story in the current (September) issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special. ‘All About Her’ is my original title and I’m pleased they’ve kept it (titles are quite often changed by the editor to

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