Going well so far

2019 has got off to a good start. I currently have a story in Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special (it’s the February issue and apparently was out before New Year!).

Next week on 20th January

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A nice surprise

In The Moment magazine have sent me a complimentary copy of issue 15, which contains a story of mine. That was a nice surprise as not many publishers still do this and I thought I’d have to wait until Tuesday when it’s in the shops to see it.

The current issue of Woman’s Weekly also

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I do like to be …

… beside the seaside. That’s how the song goes, and it’s true that I like being near the sea. That might explain why the coast features in quite a few of my stories.

I also like being in magazines. Well, when I say me, really I mean my name in the byline of stories. I’m not so bothered about geting my face on the page.

Currently I

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Mine’s a double!

dsc_0554I’m really pleased to have two stories in the current (November) issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special.

Wednesday Afternoon started as an exercise in

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Barbara’s Legacy

I have a story in the September issue of Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special (which should still be in the shops for a few more days). Unusually I’ve included a real event in Barbara’s Legacy. When IDSC_0625 was about seven, my Mum discovered a horse had cut it’s leg – hard to miss really as the blood was spurting out in a great arc. Clearly help was needed quickly, so I

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I (nearly) made an editor cry.

DSC_0294The feedback for my story ‘Letting Go’ was that it almost made the fiction editor and her assistant cry.

That must have been in a good way as

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