Murder In Mind

My story Murder in Mind is in the current issue of The Weekly News. I also have a story, about

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With help, from Adam!

Last week my story ‘Please Help Me‘ was published in The Weekly News. It’s about a lady who is often

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Thomson Twins

I currently have two stories in magazines published by DC Thomson. One of those Coloured Vision is in The Weekly News – the first magazine to ever send me an acceptance.

Growing Closer is in the 7th April issue of The People’s Friend – my first ever publication with this magazine. As the title suggests, it involves gardening.

Lots of my stories have a plant or gardening theme. So many that I’ve produced three collections of them, each containing 24 stories and plan to release another this year. The current titles are – Over The Garden Fence, Through The Garden Gate and Up The Garden Path.

They’re all available as paperbacks or ebooks and can be read for free with kindle unlimited or borrowed from some UK libraries.



Bath Night

My story Bath Night is in the current issue of The weekly News. In it, the narrator compares her life with that of an ancestor whilst reading extracts of her diary. About twenty-five years ago, back when I worked on the family farm, I read partdsc_0513

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