Hello Again

DSC_0047My story, Hello Again, is in the current (July) issue of Take A Break’s Fiction Feast. I can’t tell you what prompted me to write it, because that’d give too much away.

I can’t tell you much about the location either, but I really

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Waiting For A Friend

I have a story in the May issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. It should be in the shops soon.

TAB_9005Solent House, the location where most of Waiting For A Friend is set, is based on a real place in Lee-on-the-Solent (see there’s some kind of logic going on!). It’s recently been done up and sold as flats with ‘many original features’. Thing is, we saw

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It’s all in the prep …

Woman's Weekly_8754I have a story in both Take a Break’s Fiction Feast and Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special this month (April issues). Coincidentally both stories were written as homework for my writing group. A different prompt is supplied each month and we each try to write a ‘prep’ for this.

For Shadow Dancer in TABFF the prompt was ‘the shadow on the wall’. The story features

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Who’s the daddy?

TAB_8503My story in the current (March) issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast was inspired by a prompt from a writing buddy in an online group I belong to. Thanks Niddy Reece!

I Want My Real Dad features Mary, a

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Heart in Her Handbag

TAB_6419I have a short story in the current (October 2015) issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. This one was inspired by something my mother-in-law did.

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Painting with words

CanTAB_6135 you see where it says ‘Mystery. The Woman who paints the future’ on the cover of the current issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast? It refers to my story! I do like being a cover girl

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