I do like to be …

… beside the seaside. That’s how the song goes, and it’s true that I like being near the sea. That might explain why the coast features in quite a few of my stories.

I also like being in magazines. Well, when I say me, really I mean my name in the byline of stories. I’m not so bothered about geting my face on the page.

Currently I

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Daisy, daisy.

daisy-chainsOne of my stories, They’re Just Flowers, appears in the current (March) edition of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast. It’s featured on the cover too – I like it when they do that.

Sometimes I tell you the story behind the story, but in this case it’s not so simple.

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Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho

dsc_0045No, I’m not doing a dodgy Santa impression (not yet anyway). Nor am I sending an uncharacteristically early greeting. Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho is the title of my story in the Christmas issue of Take a Break’s Fiction Feast which is in the shops now.

You know how I sometimes explain the inspiration behind my story? Well not

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