Spookily enough

I have a new book out! The title, Slightly Spooky Stories III, probably tells you all you need to know, but I’ll give you the blurb anyway …

Ghosts, sixth sense and things not of this world aren’t always scary, though they can be. Some

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Murder In Mind

My story Murder in Mind is in the current issue of The Weekly News. I also have a story, about

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Moments of joy

My story, Moments Of Joy, is in the current issue of My Weekly. Isn’t the illustration lovely?

As you’ve probably worked out, the story involves someone blowing bubbles. It was inspired by a visit to York Minster. It was a sunny day and the streets were full of happy tourists enjoying the history and beauty of the city.

As I walked round I saw bubbles drifting down the road at about head height. They were very pretty, but such an odd contrast to all the stone buildings I looked around to make sure other people could

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Not lost in translation

I have a story in the 4th June issue of Scandinavian magazine Allers. It’s a reprint from when it appeared in Allas two years ago.

They’ve changed the title and I can’t read the language it’s printed in (Swedish? Norwegian?). Those things together with the fact I wrote it years ago, might have meant I had trouble identifying it. Thankfully there are enough details in the illustration to

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I’m a cover girl!

My name is on the front cover of The People’s Friend this week! That’s the first time I’ve ever been mentioned on the cover of any magazine (my stories have featured on some fiction specials, but never me personally.)

The story which has been retitled Fairy Grotto, was inspired by a visit to the Waterwheel Inn near St Austell. It’s a lovely place to

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