Christmas reading

One of my stories is in the Ireland’s Own Christmas Annual 2019. I do like their illustrations – they’re always so reassuringly traditional, which I feel somehow gives the stories a timeless quality.

Do you fancy having me

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Workshop at Nottingham Writers’ Club

Last Saturday I delivered a workshop, on characterisation and dialogue, to members of the Nottingham Writers’ Club – and a visitor. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. They were a lovely group of people who remained good natured despite me working them quite hard and being very strict with the time limits.

Two of the attendees hadn’t been writing much for a while, but I was pleased to see everyone scribbling away furiously during the exercises. I could feel the combined concentration!

The beginnings of several interesting sounding stories emerged. It’s amazing what people can produce in just a few minutes. Hopefully some of the notes made on the day will be expanded into longer pieces.

Here are some of us. (A couple of people had appointments to keep, and one was persuaded to wield the camera.)

The club’s Twitter account reported, “From the comments on our feedback forms Patsy received the equivalent of 5 stars for her workshop.” I’m so pleased people found it worthwhile.

Thanks to Carol Bevitt (far right) for arranging everything.

See you tomorrow?

On Saturday, 28th October I’ll be at The Watershed in Bristol, reading some of my short stories as part of the Bristol Literary Festival. If you’re in the area, do come and say hello.