Another bargain!

From Story Idea to Reader (an accessible guide to writing fiction) is on sale at just £1.99 / $1.99 for the ebook, next few days. It’s also available as an audiobook, a paperback, or a free read with Kindle Unlimited.

Review extracts –

An Absolute Mine of Information Given in an Informal and Easy Style – B.

 Friendly, accessible, and down to earth, I cannot recommend this book highly enough – A.P.

You can read this book from cover to cover or you can dip in and use it as a reference source. – K.H.

For me, this book is an essential read to progress, and that is why I am awarding five stars, and I would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking up writing. – C.

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A bit more publicity

wm-fsitrRosemary J Kind, myself, our book From Story Idea to Reader, and Wilma all make an appearance in the March issue of Writing magazine. It will be in the shops any day now.

Pressing matters

I’ve been busydsc_0492 with publicity stuff for the new writing book. Below is the press release the publisher has sent out to various newspapers and magazines.

My next task is to write something to go with it for local writing groups, offering to come in and answer questions, run workshops or whatever they might like. By local, I mean around Portsmouth and Southampton – but because of the camper van, I could travel much further if the circumstances were right.

Prolific Local Author Publishes Writing Advice

Contact: 00 44 (0)207 193 3390 For immediate release

Prolific, published short story writer, Patsy Collins and Editor at Alfie Dog Fiction, Rosemary J Kind, have combined their experience to publish a book of writing advice for those looking to write and publish short stories.

Patsy, a former tour guide on HMS Victory, has set many of her stories and novels around Lee-on-Solent, where she lives. These days she can often be found touring the country with maritime photographer, husband Gary Davies. “I love writing parked up overlooking a beach,” says Patsy. “Our campervan acts as my mobile office.”

Patsy, whose stories have been published in the leading women’s magazines, both at home and abroad, met Rosemary through an online writing group they were both part of. “We got together to read each other’s work and, as we both write articles on writing for magazines, we started to talk about collaborating on a book. The great thing is that our strengths complement each other, which gives us the opportunity to give other writers a wider picture.”final-cover-small-front-251016

Their book, From Story Idea to Reader, covers the writing process from how to come up with ideas to where to submit work and sets out to be a practical and accessible guide. “We’ve both run courses on writing,” says Patsy, “and are used to the sorts of areas which those starting out need more help with. We’ve also both judged competitions and Rosemary has edited several thousand short stories over the last few years, so we have a clear picture of the common mistakes that writers make and have set out to help them overcome those in order to achieve publication.”

Between them, Patsy and Rosemary have separately published sixteen books, both fiction and non-fiction, but this is the first time they’ve worked together on a project. “Writing can be a lonely occupation,” says Rosemary, who lives in North Yorkshire. “Working together on this has been huge fun and we hope that comes through in our writing.”

From Story Idea to Reader is published by Alfie Dog Fiction and comes out on 30th November. The paperback is £9.99 and the ebook £3.99.


Prolific Local Author Publishes Writing Advice

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Company Number : 07679696 registered in England & Wales.
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