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I’ve been tweaking the site a bit and have now added the opening pages to each of my novels, in case you’d like a taster. You should be able to find each of them under the ‘novels’ tab.

nnadtd1A reminder – Not A Drop To Drink, my short story collection with a liquid theme is FREE to download. (If you don’t have a kindle, you can also download a free app to allow you to read this, and many other books, on your computer.)


PMAPcoverPublic lending rights, or p.l.r. are a payment of six and a bit pence, made to authors when their books are borrowed from UK and Irish libraries. The author has

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Firestarter_coverI’ve not been able to concentrate on anything much other than Firestarter these last few weeks. There was lots of promotion stuff to do, then the worry of whether anyone would download it or order a print copy. Thank you to everyone who has done so already.

One person at least has already finished reading and has left a review. I really appreciate readers taking the trouble to write a review for my books. Knowing people enjoy reading them is great motivation for writing more.

Suppose I’d better get on with that, hadn’t I?

Firestarter launch

Today is the ‘official’ launch of my new novel. Firestarter is a romantic comedy, with a bit of suspense thrown in. I hope it’s as much fun to read as it was to research and write.

As well as finding out about firemen, I had to do a fair bit of birdwatching and walking through beautifil countryside and eat loads of really nice food. The story is set around the New Forest area of Hampshire and the south coast of Wales, so some travelling was also required. In fact I wrote most of the bok in the back of our camper van. It’s a tough life being a writer …



Alice has a fantasy. It starts with being rescued by a hunky fireman, involves the kiss of life and ends in him not needing his uniform. At the New Forest Show, Alice is offered an innocent version of her dream. Reluctantly she turns down fireman Hamish’s invitation.

Despite Alice’s blameless behaviour, boyfriend Tony’s obsessive jealousy kicks in. Hamish wants to take Tony’s place, but a hoaxer ensures Alice already sees far too much of Hampshire Fire Service. The threat of an explosive sprout surprise, her mum’s baking, sister Kate’s mind boggling pep talks and the peculiar behaviour of Alice’s boss Miles provide distractions.

Is Alice really in danger? What is Kate up to? Can Hamish possibly be as perfect as he seems? It takes Alice masses of wonderful food, disgusting wine, smelly mud, red footed crows and steamy Welsh passion, but she finds the answers. And rethinks her fantasy.

You can find links to lots of interviews and posts about the characters, story, locations research and my writing process here.

My new book – again!

firestarter coverSorry to keep on about Firestarter, but it’s only just over a week until release day and I’m getting excited!

Thanks to my blogging friends who’ve been helping to spread the word. Recently I popped into Rachel Schieffelbein and then Rosemary Gemmell’s to talk about my inspiration, Teresa Ashby’s place to talk about my characters and then one of my characters got loose and visited Suzy Jones.

Still on the road

eggsQuite a lot of my time lately has been devoted to promotion of my new novel, Firestarter. You can read an interview about the characters here and one about the inspirations for the book here.

What do you think – is Kate right about eggs on plates?