Mottisfont Abbey

I love the National Trust’s gardens at Mottisfont Abbey in Hampshire and have visited numerous times. I don’t just smell the fabulous roses and eat cakes in the tearooms though

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In The Garden Air

In The Garden Air is my fourth collection of flower, plant and garden related stories. This one and Up The Garden Path, Through The Garden Gate and Over The Garden Fence each contain 24 stories.

As you may have guessed, I’m a very keen gardener. My grandparents all were too and

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With Love And Kisses

I’ve just released another themed collection of short stories. With Love And Kisses, as the title suggests, contains romantic stories.

Isabelle was dared to go in search of love, Julia attempts to win it, and Beverly searches in the small print. Anne puts on a lavish dress, Angie dons a nice new waterproof jacket and Tracie removes her clothes. All of them want the same thing – to love and be loved. Others use more extreme methods in their quest for romance; marriage brokers and weird dogs, historic ships, even stolen magic dust.

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As well as releasing my new romantic novel Leave Nothing But Footprints on Thursday, I also sent out a newsletter. If you didn’t see it and would like to, click here. And if you’d like to

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Slightly Spooky Stories

I’ve just released a new collection of short stories – Slightly Spooky Stories 1. You’ll have gathered from the title that it contains ghost stories and the like, plus the fact that I intend it to be the first in the series.


Ghosts, sixth sense and things not of this world aren’t always scary, though they can be. Some help or warn, frighten or comfort those who perceive them. Others are here for their own purposes, waiting for a chance to move on. We might see, hear or feel them, perhaps they’ll only reach us through our subconscious.

Are ghosts memories and echoes of the past, contacts from another time and place, or figments of our imagination? Whether you believe in them or not, ghosts, spirits and mysterious spooking happenings all provide stories. This collection contains 25 of them.

Latest release

My latest short story collection, Can’t Choose Your Family, is out now – and on sale at 99p/99c for this week. Usual price will be £1.99/$2.99. There’s also a paperback version

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