A really good week!

I seem to be in all the magazines this week. I knew I had one each in Woman’s Weekly

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Away and home.

Over the weekend, I and my friend Anne Rainbow, delivered a writing workshop at a lovely hotel in Devon. We had a great mix of really interesting people attending, ranging from

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I do like to be …

… beside the seaside. That’s how the song goes, and it’s true that I like being near the sea. That might explain why the coast features in quite a few of my stories.

I also like being in magazines. Well, when I say me, really I mean my name in the byline of stories. I’m not so bothered about geting my face on the page.

Currently I

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Offer ends soon.

Today is the last chance to get my short story collection, All that Love Stuff, for 99p (99c). Tomorrow it goes back up to full price.


It’s not quite your last chance to book on the Writers Weekend Workshop in Devon next month, but if you’d like to join us, you need to make a reservation soon.

All That Love Stuff

Happy Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate, my short story collection, All That Love Stuff is on special offer at 99p/99c from today until the 21st.

Long distance for a short story.

It’s not just me who travels (I’m writing this in the campervan – can you guess where?) My stories get about a bit too.

Today I have one

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