Audio Stories

escapetothecountryaudiobookart-1Escape To The Country is now available as an audio book – as well as in paperback and ebook versions.

Here’s a very short blurb – 

Leah escapes to Aunt Jayne’s farm after being wrongfully accused of embezzlement and dumped by boyfriend Adam. Aunt Jayne knows how to mend a broken heart, herbal remedies, cowslip wine, common sense and dishy tractor driver Duncan. Leah embraces life in the country but when she returns to London, to face her accusers and Adam her real problems begin.


Paint Me A Picture is in the final stages of production and a short story collection is currently being recorded. I’ll have Whispersync enabled, as soon as possible, which not only means you can switch between ebook and audio version without losing your place, but apparently also gives a big discount on the price of the audio version. 

The whole process will take a while, so in the meantime here are a couple of short stories you can listen to for free…

Holiday Temptations

Uncle Mick