Chocolate Cake!

The illustration for my story Caramel Shortbread in the April edition of Take A Break’s Fiction Feast would be making me really hungry, except that it was my birthday yesterday. My lovely husband made me a really nice, and really huge, chocolate brownie cake. He rarely bakes (it was the third time ever) but he did an excellent job.

It was a double celebration for me as the day before I finished the second draft of my next crime novel. I took the day off writing for my birthday, and will have a few more days away from the novel (Disguised Murder in Little Mallow) before the next draft. I like to work on something else between drafts as that gives me some ‘distance’ and helps me see what I actually wrote, not what I meant to say!

Talking of doubles, I have two stories in that magazine. The other is called Baggage. It’s about handbags, and relationships. Caramel Shortbread is also about relationships, as well as living up to the title.

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