Could I use this?

IMG_0281Our first campervan adventure of 2023 started in 2022 and took us to Stonehenge, where we spent the night. The weather wasn’t great, and we noticed a few people giving us amused glances. Why? There were hundreds of other people doing the same thing – the official car park had 16 coaches in when we arrived there and the camping spot was equally busy.

IMG_0287Looking at the photos of us in our matching, hooded waterproofs I wonder if they thought we were part of a very small, slightly peculiar religious sect. One that’s only just discovered selfies.

I often observe people doing apparently weird things, make up my own explanations and put them in stories. As I’m aware that some of our exploits look strange if you don’t know us and what we’re up to, maybe I should try seeing them from other people’s point of view and do the same?


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