Restless Nights

Screenshot 2022-08-05 at 09.28.55I do get a bit restless on hot summer nights, but it must be much more uncomfortable for those who are pregnant like the main character in my story which is published in the September issue of Take A Break’s fiction Feast. (Out now.)

The idea for the story came when I misunderstood something my husband said. I asked him to repeat it and immediately realised my mistake – but it occurred to me that if anything had prevented me getting a quick explanation I may well have reached a different conclusion. Especially if it had happened whilst I was already feeling unsettled and a little vulnerable, and was lying awake at night.

A lot of my stories originate in a similar way. There’s a real situation and I start wondering what would have happened in slightly different circumstances, or if different people were involved, or it it led to another incident.


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