Spot the difference

IMG_1195I’ve got a story in each of two very different magazines at the moment – and they each have appropriately different illustrations.

My bright and cheery tale ‘A Fresh Outlook’ is in the always upbeat The People’s Friend Magazine.

Despite its title ‘Comfort Food’ is rather darker and less jolly. That’s in the current Take A Break Fiction Feast.


I wouldn’t call Fiction Feast downbeat, but it’s certainly grittier than The People’s Friend and you can’t always be assured of a happy ever after ending.

Which do you prefer? A guaranteed happy ending, or to not know what you’re going to get?


2 thoughts on “Spot the difference

  1. The Friend has accepted one of my stories (Yay!) so I think I’m getting it… But until it gets published, I’ll be looking out for your Comfort Food…
    (Which is probably why I’ve had so much difficulty penning a story for People’s Friend).

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