Looking back – and forward.

I’m pleased to have a short story in the 2022 My Weekly Annual. As you can tell from the fact it’s only August, these publications are planned and produced well in advance. That means the stories are written well in advance and often I’ve forgotten all about them by the time they’re published. Not this one though.

The story is about a character who joins a book club. The idea came to me as I was walking down to the local library to attend such a group for the first time. I was a little early, so had time to scribble down a few notes before the meeting started. Handwriting anything is unusual for me, so that’s another thing which fixed it in my mind. My writing is pretty much unreadable, especially when done in a hurry, but there’s something about writing notes which helps me remember.

Since then, very sadly, the library has closed and of course there’s been COVID. Somehow it seems optimistic that something written before those things happened is now in print, and intended to take readers into next year.

Talking of things started a long time ago to be read in the future, I think I’ve finally finished the last round of edits for my romantic murder mystery novel Acting Like A Killer. I had thought I’d finished a couple of months ago, but the proofreader I sent it to is also an editor and she suggested a couple of improvements. I didn’t want the extra work, but I do want the book to be as good as possible, so I got stuck in.

I now need to get a little distance from it before giving it another read through and then having it proofread again, as there’s every chance that whilst improving one aspect I may have introduced new errors!


3 thoughts on “Looking back – and forward.

  1. No matter how many edits and proofreads I do (I’m currently proofreading and formatting Christmas anthologies for our reading group) there are always more that pop up on a casual visit, or get noticed by the group when I share the latest version.

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