Coffee and Welsh cakes

One of my short story collections, Coffee and Cake, is now available as an audiobook as well as ebook and paperback. If you’d like a free review copy let me know, as I have a few codes to give away.

51eanmyuiksCOFFEE AND CAKE

We eat and drink for more than mere survival. Food comforts and reassures, connects us with others. A mug of coffee wakes us up in the morning. A cup of tea can calm us down.

Cakes are great for celebrations, birthdays in particular. Making one specially for someone shows how much we care. The same applies to learning to make their favourite dish, or passing on your signature recipe.

The food and drink choices we make expose aspects of our personality. What we give to others, and the care we take when doing so, can be even more revealing.

Sharing food helps build, or repair, relationships. It creates and recreates traditions and brings back memories – if that’s what we want.

Whether you prefer unsweetened black coffee, or milky tea, rich sponge cake or something savoury, this collection of 25 stories provides the perfect snack.

You can get all formats here.

As well as the stories and all that food, this book has something else for you to enjoy – the lovely Welsh accent of narrator Dawn Lewis. Don’t blame me if, before you’re halfway through, you get an irresistible urge to eat Welsh cakes. That happened to me just from listening to her audition!Wales_7702


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