Wednesday word of the week – noggin

nogDid you know a noggin was a unit of alcohol? I didn’t. Apparently it’s 1/4 pint.

I’ve only ever used the word to mean ‘head’. My dictionary doesn’t mention that use at all so I’m wondering if anyone else uses it or it’s just one of those weird words my family use.

If I was to drink 1/4 pint of the stuff I’ve got in that glass I’d have a very sore noggin the following morning. (That almost hardly ever happens.)


3 thoughts on “Wednesday word of the week – noggin

  1. I had only used it to mean head/brain (eg ‘use your noggin’).
    I’ve not come across the unit of measurement.
    There is a third meaning, apparently. Recently I heard of it used in a woodworking context as a supporting brace when fixing house timbers together.
    We live and learn.

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    1. I didn’t know about the woodworking term … and apparently I don’t know what day of the week it is either! I’m glad to know the meaning I did think I knew really is a proper one though.


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