Culinary cozy mysteries

Did you know culinary cozy mysteries were a book genre? Neither did I until my newly released audio book reached No 2 in that category.

escapetothecountryaudiobookart-1I now have a few codes for review copies of the audible version of Escape To The Country. If you are registered with either or and are willing to review* the book after you’ve listened to it, please email me at patsycollins53 (at) 

*By review I mean leave a few words on the Audible/Amazon  website saying what you think of it. I’m not expecting an Eng. Lit style essay, although you could do that if you wanted to!

Reviews are really important to authors and I’m always really appreciative when readers take the time to leave one on Amazon or Goodreads for any of my books. Yes, even the ones which aren’t 5 stars!

If you don’t yet have an account with Audible but are thinking of trying it, this link should get you a free 30 day trial, complete with my book.

The audio version of Paint Me A Picture is close to completion and I’ll also have review copies to offer for those. They’ll be offered to my newsletter subscribers and on here.


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