Hey Hottie!

allas-1No, I’m not talking to you! That’s the title of my latest story in Swedish magazine Allas – which is not to say you don’t look lovely. I’m sure you do, but even so that’s not how I’d address anyone. It’s not even the title I gave the story. As often happens with magazines, the editor changed it.

I don’t mind when editors edit my work. That’s their job and I have to trust that they know what appeals to their readers.

Another common change, especially when the magazine is produced outside the UK, is with character names. That happened here. Again I don’t mind, but when the story is published in Swedish and the editor bought several at the same time, it does make it more complicated to work out which story has been used!

The style of illustrations varies from magazine to magazine. I’m always interested to see what’s been used – and always pleased if there’s some purple!


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