Everything in the garden…

I’ve been really busy during the ‘lockdown’ period. OK, I confess mostly I’ve been busy gardening – it’s guaranteed to lift my spirits and distract me from worries, and of course I don’t have to leave home to do it. This is part of my tiny wildflower meadow.

I have done some writing though. A few short stories, an article, and a bit towards the next novel.

Two of my stories are currently in UK magazines. One is in Take A Break’s Fiction Feast. I’ve not seen that yet. The other is in My Weekly and I love the picture they’ve used.

I also really like the daffodil illustration for my story in last week’s Allas (a Swedish publication).


As you can probably guess these stories are both gardening related. A lot of my short stories are – I’ve published four collections of 24 garden themed stories. You can find them, and my other books, here.

I think all that justifies me getting out there again today – don’t you?


5 thoughts on “Everything in the garden…

  1. This is wonderful, Patsy! Many congratulations. It’s so good to see the mags are still publishing short stories, which will lift readers’ spirits at this difficult time. And great to see your continued great success with your lovely stories.

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      1. The paperbacks of my collection of romantic short stories, “Sunbeams from the Heart”, continue to sell quite well, probably for the same reason. Mostly the large print too!


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