Three of my stories have been published this week – in three different countries! Allers, a scandanavian publication have reprinted The Mystery Postcard, which appeared in their sister publication Allas some time ago.

A Lucky Find is in the 7th February issue of Ireland’s Own. That story had a complicated route to publication, having been accepted years ago and getting overlooked, then nearly making it into the previous week’s issue. Yesterday I learned another of my stories Mother will be in the St Patrick’s Day annual. Part of the reason for my name is that I was due on St Patrick’s Day (poor Mum had quite a wait).

Her Best Life is in The People’s Friend Special, out today. I didn’t write the main character with red hair and glasses, but I did wear both when I visited The friend offices last year – and some clever people do work out that I quite like purple.

Of course all this could be a series of coincidences. I can’t tell yet as the post hasn’t been. If I do get a mysterious postcard, I’ll let you know. (And immediately start writing a story in which I and my friends and family all have stupendous luck and free cake for life.)


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