A good start to 2020

My first publications of the year are in the current issue of Writing Magazine (which, because magazine publication is weird, is actually dated February). Both articles involve ‘womags’. One is about the forthcoming editorial changes at DC Thomson, and the other is a market round up of last year and predictions for this one.

See where it says ‘publishing experts’ on the cover? I’m one of them! That’s mostly because of my Womagwriter blog.


5 thoughts on “A good start to 2020

    1. Woman’s magazines aren’t very common in the U.S. are they? Woman’s World is the only one I know of that’s at all similar to those we have in the U.K.

      I can’t think why you don’t have a similar number, as our cultures aren’t so very different – You seem as interested in crafts, cooking, health, families, celebrities and fiction as we are and that’s what womags such as My Weekly, The People’s Friend, Woman’s Weekly and Yours are full of.

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      1. Yes, we do have Woman’s World available in stores. When I was a young mother, there were a few other mags rather close in style that were sold in grocery stores, but I think those were changed over the years or no longer exist. The types of topics you mention do show up in other mags that women buy, but the format just looks a bit different, and I think they’re probably more expensive.

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