Back to normal?

I hope you enjoyed Christmas – or maybe you’re still celebrating? We had family guests for several days prior to Christmas and on the day itself, but they’ve all gone now, along with my excuses not to get on with some writing!

As I’m going to be back at work, it feels only right that others should be too. My friend Rosemary J. Kind feels the same way*, so we’ve reduced our book From Story Idea to Reader to half price over the next week. If you’ve always fancied having ago at writing, but didn’t know where to start (or have started but would like a little help) this is the book for you.

If you intend to be a productive writer throughout 2020, then A Year Of Ideas will ensure you’re never stuck for a topic.

If you’d rather read than write then take a look at Rosemary’s FREE book, The Blight And The Blarney. It’s a great read, but you might want to have the tissues ready.

*Except, unlike me, she rarely takes a day off to start with!


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